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Aluminium garden gates

90 products to choose from!
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Your garden gate is a reflection of your hospitality

Discover your Aluminium garden garden gate with our standard and bespoke configurator. A large selection of different styles and shapes comes in standard measures, but you can also put in the bespoke configurator the sizes you are looking for. After you have chosen a double arch top, curved top or straight model, you can decide for the sizes fitted to your project as well. Last but not least, we offer a selection of different seaside resistant colours, resistant to the most extreme weather conditions.

Resistant to all weather conditions

The also called garden or side gates do not require any special surface treatment before or after installing. They are resistant to rust and corrosion. All our aluminium garden gates are certified with the international recognised product schemes QUALICOAT© and QUALIMARINE©, the most stringent quality labels when it comes to colour finishing.

Equip your home in style

At Mister Gates Direct you will be able to give your home entrance an exclusive look without breaking the bank with our gates. Many styles of mixed infill or fully boarded aluminium leaves are available on Mister Gates Direct. Our factory uses high-quality aluminium material to produce your garden gate according to latest production techniques.

State-of-the-art quality

All our garden gates are manufactured through mechanical assembly using mortise and tenon joints to offer a better rigidity, flexibility and strength to make them long lasting. For a maximum safety during transport, all our products are packed in foam and shrink wrapped. And last but not least, all our aluminium garden gates come with a 16-year manufacturer guarantee.

Standard & Bespoke size configurator

As soon as you have chosen one of the pedestrian gate models, you can select a standard width and height. The measures mentioned here do correspond to the size of the gate itself. Attention: take into account an extra space of 22 mm for the hinges. If you need more information, just check out "Take your measurements".

If you have specific measure between the posts, you can use our bespoke configurator. Measure the exact width between the posts and use the variable bar to enter the right width and height you want. It's really that simple, we will produce the exact measures of your garden gate.

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