Aluminium posts for swing gates

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Reinforced aluminium posts EMALU™

Our posts have been developed for any EMALU™ driveway or pedestrian gate, which will enable you to open and close your gate for many years.

We propose posts for surface mounting and in-screed installation, easy to do yourself with concrete. Our aluminium posts are supplied with a galvanised steel foot on which you will place the aluminium post as soon as you fixed the surface mounting plate or embedded it into the ground.

The EMALU aluminium are reinforced and will last much longer than any other wooden, pvc or metal material.

As for all of our products, the reinforced posts complies with the international certifications QUALICOAT© and QUALIMARINE©, which means that the finishing of the posts are seaside resistant.

You can use the EMALU reinforced posts for pedestrian gate and driveway gates.

Available in following standard colours : White RAL 9016, Grey anthracite RAL 7016, Blue RAL 5003, Black RAL 9005, Burgundy RAL 3005, Green RAL 6012 and Golden oak wood effect.
Available in 2 standard sizes: 10 x 10 cm and 15 x 15 cm
Available in 16 heights (in cm) : 100 - 110 - 120 - 130 - 140 - 150 -160 - 170 - 180 - 190 - 200 - 210 - 220 - 230 - 240 and 250

Product extras of the EMALU reinforced aluminium pillar :

✓ Easy to fix 
✓ Very resistant to all weather conditions
✓ 100 % reinforced aluminium
✓ Heat proof lacquering QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE


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