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Discover our range of aluminium sliding gates:

One of the biggest advantages of a sliding gate is if the driveway or entrance has an upwards slope behind the gate, a swing gate in this situation could scrape on the slope when opening.

Compared to garden or driveway gates made of wood, wrought iron or even PVC, aluminium gates are light weight and robust, easy to open, will not warp, twist or crack over time. Also, aluminium gates require little maintenance.

At Mister Gates Direct you will be able to give your home entrance an exclusive look without breaking the bank with EMALU™ gates. Many styles of mixed infill or open panel aluminium leaves.

Proof of quality and luxury

EMALU™ uses high-quality aluminium material to produce your gate in order to protect and to equip your home in style. All our gates are mechanically assembled, which make it possible to change a panel when needed.

EMALU™ comes with a luxurious range of different designs, we offer a customised service, we let you to choose your style, sizes and the colour finishing (different seaside resistant RAL colours) at the best price/quality level available on the UK market. As soon as we have received your order, we will produce your gate according to your wishes, the gate will be produced only for you. We use state-of-the-art materials and finishing which protects and embellishes your home's entrance.

Secure delivery & guarantee

For a maximum safety during transport, all our products are packed in foam and shrink wrapped. All our aluminium gates are guaranteed by our factory for at least 10 years.

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