FAAC CYCLO 24V 105999144 Sliding gate motor + rack


Sliding gate automation -FAAC- Cyclo Kit- 105999144 + 4m of rack
Motor model: C720 - 24V
Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz
Protection level: IP44
3-years warranty



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FAAC CYCLO 24V 105999144 Sliding gate motor + rack



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For wide sliding gates up to 15m, FAAC offers you its Cyclo kit to automate it. The system supports leafs up to 400 Kg for domestic use. It includes an anti-crushing device and a virtual encoder.


- Total or partial (pedestrian) opening possible adjustable from 0 to 98%.

- Test report carried out with the CSTB certifying its conformity to the European standard.

- Ready connect with the E721 card providing the information necessary for home automation management.

- Unlocking by means of a custom key cylinder

- Bus orientable photocells, 2-wire connection without polarity, with possibility of 180° orientation.

- Max gate weight 400Kg.

- Residential use.

- New principle of reduction with mobile axes (FAAC patent).

- Electronic control output with anti-crushing device and virtual encoder with obstacle reversal function.

- Master/Slave function via Bus to operate two motors simultaneously.

- Magnetic limit switches.

- Autonomy in case of power failure (battery optional).

- Torque: 18Nm.

- Thrust: 32 daN, opening speed from 8 to 18 m per minute.




- Elegant and discret design

- Economical and efficient

- Anti-crushing device

- “Master/slave” function

- Automatic opening, semi-pedestrian or after passing the photocells

- Total or partial opening (adjustable)

- Deceleration on opening and closing

- Adjustable speed

- Obstacle detection with reversal of operation


The pack includes:

- 2 Transmitters 4 channels 868MHz (XT4SLH)

- 1 Geared motor 24V with built-in electronic board and foundation plate (C720)

- 1 Pair of photocells (XP15B)

- 1 Frequency module (XF868)

- 1 Flashing lamp 24Vdc (FAACLIGHT)

- 4 m of rack





This product is guaranteed by the FAAC brand network for a period of 3 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


- Motor model: C720 - 24V

- Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz

- Electric motor: 24V DC

- Power consumption: 170 W

- Absorption: 7A

- Electric motor: 3200 rpm

- Max torque: 18Nm

- Pulling force: 320N

- Pinion: Z28 module 4

- Gate speed: 18 m/min

- Limit switches: magnetic

- Ambient operating temperature: -20°C / +55°C

- Weight: 8Kg

- Protection level: IP44

- Dimensions : 185 x 260 x 310mm


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