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Connected LED motor for sliding gate - SLD400LED - Motorisation+

Ref: motorisationplus-sld400led

Connected LED automation for sliding gate - SLD400LED - Motorisation+
Power supply Vac (Vdc) : 230 (24)
Motor power W : 250
Degree of protection : IP 44
Remote control from your smartphone
5-year warranty

Connected LED motor for sliding gate - SLD400LED - Motorisation+




- 1 LED electromechanical gearmotor 24Vdc for sliding gate

- 1 transmitter 4 keys

- 1 bluetooth module

- 1 radio receiver

- 1 pair of photocells

- 1 flashing light

- 1 twilight sensor

- Control logic 14A


  • Warranty 5 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the MOTORISATIONPLUS brand network for a period of 5 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


Technical data :

Speed cm/s: 21
Torque Nm: 12
Working cycle %: 50
Control logic: CC24FULL
Power supply Vac (Vdc) : 230 (24)
Absorption A : 1,1
Motor power W : 250
Integrated light: yes
Degree of protection : IP 44
Dimensions (L-P-H) mm : 330 - 210 - 300
Weight Kg : 12
Operating temp. °C : -20+55
Maximum leaf weight Kg : 400


Evaluate your product :


Would you like to opt for the installation of a sliding gate to increase the security of your property? You should know that this is a good idea. However, with this type of opening, it is also possible to combine comfort and security. All you have to do is optimise your sliding gate and provide it with the perfect motor. The motorisation of a sliding gate gives you the opportunity to benefit from a number of advantages. At Mistergatesdirect.com you'll find a whole list of gate operators. And in order to meet your needs, the site recommends that you take a look at its LED-connected sliding gate operator for sliding gates.


The installation of a sliding gate is considered the perfect solution if you need to increase your security. It is also a better way to add a modern touch to your exterior. As its name suggests, a sliding gate slides on a rail. It opens from left to right. If the swing gate is equipped with one or two leaves, a sliding opening has only one leaf. Thanks to this mode of operation, this type of gate is very easy to automate.

An automatic sliding gate offers you a number of advantages. In addition to embellishing your exterior, it offers you the opportunity to increase your security. Indeed, by using a transmitter to control it, you can control access to your home. No one can enter your home without your authorisation.

It is also the best solution if you need to optimise your comfort. You should know that the main advantage of an automatic sliding gate is its remote control. This solution allows you to control your gate from your sofa or from your car. So you no longer need to leave your home to let your visitor in. You no longer have to wait for a member of your family to open. A simple press of a button on your smartphone or remote control allows you to control your opening.

It is also important to know that an electric sliding gate promises an impressive lifespan. Compared to a manual model, this type of opening offers you exceptional resistance.


If you have decided to make your purchase on the Mistergatesdirect.com website, it means that you need to take advantage of a quality product. You've come to the right place. At Mistergatesdirect.com, motorisation accessories from leading brands are waiting for you. We collaborate with renowned labels to meet your needs for performance and robustness.

In addition to the quality of your operator, you also need to consider the dimensions, weight and material of your gate. These are important criteria to avoid unpleasant surprises. The professional who is going to install your gate should also know more about the voltage of the current in your property.

A sliding opening can be adapted to two models of motorisation. So when you purchase, you will have the chance to choose between a motorisation with rack and pinion drive with rail and a self-supporting motorisation. Please note that a self-supporting drive requires a more powerful motor. You can use it for professional use. This type of automation is perfectly capable of supporting a fairly heavy gate.

The rack and pinion model with rail is perfect for residential use. It is perfect for lighter PVC or Aluminium gates.


When we talk about quality automation, we immediately think of Mistergatesdirect.com. Thanks to its collaboration with countless expert manufacturers, the site has become a leader in its field. It is able to offer you reliable, durable and high-performance drives. No matter which model of motorisation you need, you can find it on our site. If you need a model that can be easily connected to your Smartphone, Mistergatesdirect.com offers you this connected operator with LEDs for sliding gates. With this model you can use your Smartphone as a transmitter.

This model is currently available from Mistergatesdirect.com. It is offered at a competitive price. Don't hesitate to take advantage of our exceptional offer if you need to acquire a quality motorisation at a low price.

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