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NICE ROBUS 600 CONFORT sliding gate automation + accessories

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Special offer on sliding gate automation – NICE – Kit Robus 600 CONFORT, for sliding gate up to 600kgs with Nice BlueBUS technology. With 5m of rack + Battery PS124 + 1 remote control



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The Robus Kit 600 from the Italian brand Nice, is proposed here in a COMFORT version, bringing you all the accessories needed for the installation and use. As you can see : the automation, allowing you to automate your gate up to 600kg, is delivered with 5 metres of rack, necessary for installation, 2 additional ON2 remote controls and a back-up battery so that your gate can always open and close, even in case of a power failure. Mistergatesdirect offers this exceptional pack at a competitive price. Don’t hesitate any further, take advantage right now!



- Simple : the BlueBUS system makes connections by only two wires, between the control unit and up to seven pairs of photocells

- Practical : control unit and back-up batteries PS124 that are easily connected with a plug-in connector, inside the Robus.

- Advanced : possible adjustment of speed, force and pause time.

Temperature sensor : adapts the motor force to the climatic conditions while adjusting the thermal protection at the same time.

A master/slave selection automatically synchronizes two gates, allowing the automation of sliding gates with two opposite leafs.

- Smart : thanks to obstacle detection and automatic programming of working time.

  Self-diagnosis with flashing light signal, 8 programming levels.

- Safe : adjustable acceleration and deceleration at the beginning and end of each manoeuvre.

- Strong :  Cast aluminium base and unlock with epoxy coating

- Silent : operator mounted on bearings.

Total or partial (pedestrian) opening possible


Bi-directional radio : The OXIBD receiver is a bi-directional receiver compatible with ON3EBD transmitters. It provides feedback on the position of the gate. (Ex: red light = gate closed).

It has two programming modes (Mode 1 and 2).

Monodirectional transmitters: Flo, Flor, EraOne are compatible with the OXIBD but without feedback.


The transmitter's LED will display a colour corresponding to the gate or garage door position:

- Green light: Gate / Garage door = opened

- Red light: Gate / Garage door = closed

- Orange light: Gate / Garage door = partially opened


The pack includes :

- 1 Reversible electromechanical operator, with control unit and built-in OXIBD bi-directional radio receiver (RB400)

- 2 Remote controls (ON3EBD)

- 1 LED flashing light with integrated antenna (ELDC)

- 1 Pair of photocells for connection via Nice BlueBUS (EPMB)

- 1 Signal panel (TS)

- 5m of rack


Key selector switch (EKS) not included

30 Months warranty

Are you thinking of having an automated gate? Make your dreams come true with the Nice RobusKit 600 Comfort sliding gate automation. Not only will you have an automated equipment that is easy to operate, but you will also contribute to the safety of your home. Mistergatesdirect tells you everything you need to know about this amazing product.


Do you have a sliding gate? You may know it can be equipped with an automation system which happens to have many advantages. As mentioned above, you will gain both comfort and safety. First, your well-being is going to improve as you will no longer need to open or close your gate manually, a simple click will allow you to do so. Indeed, when you leave for work in the morning or come home in the evening, you won’t need to get in and out of the vehicle to open it. You will only have to press the remote control supplied with the sliding gate automation or to press the button on the switch. Note that the model with remote control is the most common, as it guarantees greater comfort.

In addition, the installation of a sliding gate automation also brings more security to the house, as it reinforces the equipment to make it more resistant to intrusions. Thanks to the added motor, the gate becomes stronger and more robust. Moreover, there is no risk of knocks or blows when opening or closing the gate as the automation is equipped with numerous safety accessories such as obstacle detector, that quickly stops the gate mechanism if needed. Consequently, the gate automation helps the equipment to remain in perfect condition. It will last longer than a manual gate.


The NICE Robus Kit 600 Comfort sliding gate automation is, as its name suggests, an automated system that provides excellent comfort. It can silently automate the opening and closing of a sliding gate weighing up to 600 kg. This kit is supplied with several accessories for use and installation. Indeed, the pack includes 2 remote controls (one is supplied with the pack, but the second is free), the built-in 433.92 MHz flashing antenna lamp (ELB), the pair of surface-mounted photocells (EPMB) and the back-up battery. And for the installation, there are 5 metre racks, the two-channel 433.92 MHz frequency transmitter (ON2E), the OXI receiver, the built-in 24 Vdc gearmotor with control unit and the two mechanical limit switches (NICE PS124).

This gate automation kit is a very simple, practical but advanced equipment. Indeed, the BlueBUS system makes connections with only two simple wires, between the control unit and up to seven pairs of photocells. The control unit and the back-up battery housed inside the Robus are very easy to connect thanks to a plug-in connector. It also allows speed, force and working time adjustment. Don't forget that it is possible to ensure total or partial opening of the gate. The master/slave selection allows automatic synchronization of a two-leaf sliding gate. This model is offered at a very affordable price, so don't wait any longer!


  • Warranty 30 month
  • Shipping
    in 3 days

This product is guaranteed by the NICE brand network for a period of 30 months subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


- Power supply : 230 Volts

- Back-up power supplu : 24 Volts

- Frequency : 433.920 MHz

- Buttons : 2

- Channels : 2

- Range : 50 m

- Rack : 5 m


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