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Motor for pedestrian gate MOTOSTAR - Onestar

Ref: motostar-mp100

Automation for pedestrian gate MOTOSTAR - Onestar
IP 54 protection degree
Power supply (V - 50/60 Hz) 230 AC
Motor power supply (V) 24 DC
100% Made in Italy



Save 7%
Motor for pedestrian gate MOTOSTAR - Onestar



Save 7%


The MOTOSTAR - Onestar wicket door operator allows you to automate your pedestrian entrance. The motor is the sum total of the qualities offered by MOTOSTAR, namely high quality manufacturing and optimum performance for many years to come. A real plus for your daily comfort.

Product description :

- Complete gate motor

- MOTOSTAR quality
- 24V system
- Made in Italy, the cradle of gate motorisation

The advantages :

- Electronics with encoder for safe management of leaf movement and slow-down phases: the system accurately detects the presence of any obstacles during movement.
- Self-diagnosis of the safety devices before any movement.
- Segmented display for visualising the programming of functions and for quick diagnosis of the system functions.
- Reversible motor: ensures gate movement during opening and closing. In case of power failure the motor becomes free. It is therefore recommended to complete the installation with an electric lock.


  • Warranty 3 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the MOTOSTAR brand network for a period of 3 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


Safety functions : Self-diagnosis of safety devices Obstacle wait Partial stop Obstacle detection in front of the photocells Control functions : Opening pedestrian passage 1 leaf Opening only by means of transmitter and/or button Connection of opening only or closing only button Open-stop-close-stop via transmitter and/or button Open-close-reverse via transmitter and/or button Hold action Features and settings : Contact output for 2nd radio channel Connection of lock/electrical locking device and/or water hammer Adjustable automatic re-closing time Slowing down during opening and/or closing phase Battery backup operation (optional) Adjustable running and deceleration speeds Self-learning of limit switches in opening and closing phase. 24VDC motor (MP100): - IP 54 protection degree - Power supply (V - 50/60 Hz) 230 AC - Motor power supply (V) 24 DC - Absorption (A) 5 max. - Power (W) 48 - Opening time at 90° (s) ADJUSTABLE - Intermittence/Operation (%) INTENSIVE SERVICE - Torque (Nm) 100 - Operating temperature (°C / °F) -20 to +55 / -4 to +131 Dimensions (H*W*D in mm): 437.5*80*106 Operating limits (maximum leaf length) : - For 0.8 m - 150 kg - For 1.2 m - 125 kg - For 1.8 m - 100 kg


Evaluate your product :


You already have a gate and a wicket gate and would like to improve the safety of your enclosure. As you have already installed a gate motorisation system, you should also consider installing a motorisation system for your wicket gate. This is also possible with a gate operator. You can either purchase a gate with integrated operator or buy an operator kit and install it on your old gate. Are you looking for an operator to increase the safety of your gate? At Mister Gates Direct, a wide range of wicket door operators awaits you. You will find already motorised gates as well as spare parts for the automation of your gate. The opening and closing of your wicket door will thus be safe and secure.


Before getting to the heart of the matter: the motorisation of gates, it would be a good idea to focus on the gates. This is an opening that allows passers-by to enter or leave their property without having to go around the garden. In short, it makes it easier for the occupants of the house to come and go, while at the same time providing unparalleled comfort. Like swing gates, wicket gates have a clearance opening direction inside the property. This means that you do not need to provide a lateral clearance zone for the gate leaf. This is the case with a sliding gate. Unlike a swing gate, wicket doors do not have wings. Equipped with a single leaf, they can be opened from left to right. And to ensure their stability and support, the posts can be used as wicket door pillars.

In addition, to maintain the harmony of your opening and closing, it is possible to accommodate the material for your gates and wicket doors. There are many choices on the market. From wrought iron, PVC, wood to aluminium. Among them, aluminium remains without a doubt the leading material for the manufacture of gates and doors. This is mainly due to its robustness and increased resistance to weather and impact. What's more, aluminium is certainly not vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Not forgetting that the aluminium wicket door is available in a variety of styles. These include the solid gate, the wicket door with a lock and the customised wicket door. In addition, the wicket door can be fitted with a sight-screen or a screen. This provides you with the highest level of security and privacy in the entrance area. Finally, a wicket door can be equipped with a video phone, just to improve the security of your home. Thanks to this device, you will be able to identify the person ringing the doorbell before opening it.


Wicket door motorisation is one of the effective techniques by which the gate is equipped with a motorisation system. This makes sense for external openings such as gates, wicket doors and roller shutters. To give you a helping hand, motorising a gate consists of installing a motor that is compatible with their automation. This motor usually works with current supplied by electricity or the photovoltaic solar panel. This motor is also connected to the mechanical accessories fitted to the gate leaf. The installation of a gate automatism is advantageous not only in terms of aesthetics and safety, but also in terms of its use. Thanks to this system you can tell God about the manual opening and closing of your gate. Notably with just one click on a dedicated remote control, the gate opens automatically, without ruining you. You can assume that it is very comfortable to use, because you no longer need to leave your house to open the person ringing the bell at your gate. Finally, automating your gate guarantees flawless security. With a wicket gate motorisation, the locking of the gate will be reinforced and you can live with complete peace of mind.


Are you convinced by the advantages of wicket door automation? And would you like to take advantage of them? You have made an excellent choice. But before you rush into buying a gate operator, we recommend that you choose a good supplier. A good supplier will provide you with a good quality operator at a low price. By choosing Mister Gates Direct, not only is your equipment of high quality, but it also has unparalleled strength, longevity and durability. What's more, by choosing our online sales platform, you will benefit from an exceptional guarantee. Please note that delivery is free of charge.

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