Automation Kit NICE Hykekit for dual swing gates




Dual Swing gate automation NICE - Hykekit:

Make life easier with the NICE Hykekit system. Equipped with two powerful articulated arms and an integrated control logic system, this mechanism will automatically manage your residential or commercial gateway. For gates up to 6m width and max weight 600Kg. Discrete and silent motorisation!

The pack includes:

- 1 Operating Instructions
- 1 Flashing light with integrated antenna (MLBT)
- 2 Gearmotors (HK7024 and HK7224)
- 1 Set of cells (MOFB)
- 1 Integrated control logic
- 1 Plug-in receiver (OXI)
- 1 Remote control

Product features

- Has an energy-saving system
- For 1 leaf of 300 Kg and a maximum of 3 m
- Possibility to completely or partially open the gate
- Adjustable opening shift for better comfort
- System slowing down at the end of travel to preserve the safety of the user
- Equipped with obstacle detectors
- 30-month guarantee

NICE, world wide leader of of gate automation solutions. To find authentic materials from the Italian manufacturer, please make your purchases at Mister Gates Direct.


Automation Kit NICE Hykekit
- Cabinet supply: HK7024 at 230Vca – 50/60 MHz
- Motorpower supply:  HK7224 at 24Vcc 
- Power consumption: HK7024 at 300W and HK7224 at 140W 
- Dimensions in mm: 290 x 210 x H 320
- Working cycles per hour: 40 
- Capacity : 600kg
- Power supply: 
- Operating speed rounds / minute : 2.25
- Temp. function: -20°C / +50°C
- Intensity : HK7024 at 1.5A ; HK7224 at 6A
- Tensile force (N): 500
- Degree protection: IP54


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