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Electronic card for emergency battery 12V MOTOSTAR - 801XC-0020

Ref: motostar-801XC-0020

Electronic card for emergency battery 12V MOTOSTAR - 801XC-0020

Electronic card for emergency battery 12V MOTOSTAR - 801XC-0020


The CAME -801XC-0020 12V battery backup card is an essential accessory for the correct operation of your gate motor. It allows you to ensure the link between the gate motors and your remote control system.

Product description:

- Operates, charges and connects up to 2 back-up batteries
- Compatible with new generation Linestar 24V model motors


- 12 V - 3.4 Ah power supply
- For use with BATTSTAR90 battery (not included)


  • Warranty 2 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the MOTOSTAR brand network for a period of 2 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


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Whether a sliding gate or a swing gate, the installation of an automatic gate has its advantages. The electronic card for battery backup is an essential part for the proper functioning of an automatic gate.

Home automation encompasses several areas of the residential environment. The concept consists in a way of automating the functions of the house. Automating openings such as garage doors or roller shutters is part of home automation solutions. The installation of a gate motor is becoming more and more common. This automatic opening and closing device makes everyday life easier. This home automation system is easy to install and can be operated remotely with a gate remote control. It should be noted that the gearmotor has a control unit with a radio receiver. This element makes the remote control functionality possible. Another advantage of an automatic gate operator is the possibility of combining the device with other access control devices. Connecting the intercom to the automatic gate is done for practical reasons. After talking to the visitor, the operator can be unlocked - without having to leave the house.

The advantages of motorisation systems are not only concentrated in the area of convenience. A motorisation system also provides security guarantees. It limits burglary access thanks to its locking option.

Importance of a battery backup for a gate operator

A swing gate operator differs from a sliding gate operator. A swing gate operator or a cylinder gate operator is intended for a swinging gate leaf. A sliding gate motor has no hinged arms. This type of motor is often equipped with a guide rail, racks, end stops or photocells. The sash is moved by pulling. Regardless of the type of drive, the common factor between the various models is that they are electrically operated. All types of operator can therefore be supplied with spare parts such as the MOTOSTAR 801XC battery back-up circuit board. A swing or sliding gate operator is still an electrical device. It therefore needs to be connected to the house's electricity supply in order to operate. Although malfunctions are rare, the mains may not be available. A situation that can lead to the motorisation system not being operational. These malfunctions range from a simple power cut to a voltage drop. Hence the need for a back-up battery for the electric motor.

The function of the back-up battery is to store power while the drive is connected to the mains. In the event of a power failure, the component serves as a power supply for the automation. It should be noted that connection to the mains is not the only option for recharging the emergency battery. Gate automations can be fitted with a solar kit, which charges the emergency battery. Solar power is an option for gate operators - especially for areas where electricity is not available. However, the viability of the solution will depend on the amount of sunshine in the area. Considering solar power as the sole source of energy for the electromechanical device is not recommended in areas where the weather is not sunny. In short, the battery backup improves the autonomy of automatic gate kits.

Focus on the MOTOSTAR 801XC battery backup card

A motorised sliding gate or swing gate is a home automation system that is not just mechanically driven. The device includes electronic components. The most important component is located in the control unit. The element in question is the control logic. This can be defined as the brain of a gate motorisation kit. The part regulates all the functions of the device. To ensure the link between the control logic and the auxiliary power supply, an electronic board for battery back-up is essential.

The MOTOSTAR 801XC electronic board is a product designed and manufactured by the MOTOSTAR brand. MOTOSTAR is a reference in the French market for opening automation. The manufacturer develops solutions for the general public and professionals. Its products are known for their good performance, reliability and durability. The MOTOSTAR 801XC battery charger card has these qualities. Note that the part is compatible with the new generation of Linestar 24V motors. Furthermore, MisterMenuiserie includes in its catalogue a genuine, new and guaranteed MOTOSTAR 801XC battery back-up board. The assembly of this electronic card is more or less simple. All you need is a flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers. However, our company recommends that a qualified installer be called in to install the component. This is to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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