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Universal antenna for all automation systems – MP Rec


Universal antenna for all automation systems – MP Rec

Compatible with all types of automation

Two-year warranty



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Equipping your openings with an automation system has many advantages. Not only does automation helps you save time, it makes everyday life easier. Certain geographical constraints can disrupt the operation of the automation system. Indeed, the installation of accessories, such as gate antenna, is sometimes necessary to improve its performance.


The openings automation is usually set up for the sake of comfort. An automated gate is actually more practical than a non-automated one. An automated system is often operated with a remote control. With this accessory, it is no longer necessary to open or close the gate manually. In a way, the tool provides a certain level of comfort. In bad weather conditions, for example, you don't have to get out of your car to open or close your gate.

An automated system usually consists of several components. Naturally, the opening is pulled or moved by a motor. The motor is attached directly to the gate leaf to be automated. A control system is then fixed on the motor. This part is like the brain of the system, as it allows its control. Then, a receiver is associated to allow the remote control. To remotely operate the automated system, a remote control is used.

The gate antenna is usually not included in the purchase of your automation system. It has to be purchased separately. Why? Its use is only recommended in certain circumstances; however, the component is not always essential. The motor and control logic usually compound a single unit. The antenna is installed directly on the assembly and must be connected to the control logic. You can choose other locations to install the accessory. Wiring is required in that case.


As a reminder, the remote control of the gate automation is based on radio frequencies. The remote control and the receiver of the operator system are configured on the same frequency. Of course, the connection between the two is encrypted or coded so that other remote controls cannot activate your gate automation. Sometimes the remote control may not be able to operate the automation system. This type of situation is not necessarily caused by a hardware problem.

The jamming may be the cause of the malfunction of the remote control of the automation. There are many reasons that can cause this interference. Difficulty opening or closing your gate may be due to the presence of a relay antenna in your home area. The waves emitted by this type of infrastructure effectively disrupt radio transmission between small devices in the vicinity. The residence area and architectural elements can also interfere with the transmission between the remote control and the automation.

If your daily life is regularly disrupted by technical interferences, you should consider installing a gate antenna. This is mainly used to improve the reception of an operator system.


Installing an antenna for the gate automation is not just a matter of solving a problem. You can actually choose this alternative to improve the performance of your gate automation. If you are not bothered by interference problems, installing an antenna will improve the operating range of your remote control. You can easily gain several meters of coverage by using antenna cabling. This solution is recommended for automations with a relatively low opening speed. With a greater range, you can operate the gate movement well in advance, you will then avoid extra waiting time.

If you are planning to install a gate antenna for your automation, choose the MP Rec model, which is configured for the 433.92 MHz frequency, making it compatible with the majority of operators. The MP Rec is an easy-to-install accessory. To maximize its performance, this device should be installed in height. Finding a cable that is compatible with your automation and the antenna can be a rather difficult task. For your convenience, we provide a 3-metre cable with this gate motor antenna.


  • Warranty 2 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the LBH brand network for a period of 2 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


- Made for all remote control with 433.92 frequency
- To be fixed in height for a better range


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