Aluminium sliding driveway gate TOKYO


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(Between 3000 mm and 5000 mm)
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Aluminium sliding driveway gate TOKYO


Mister Gates products are both robust and lightweight for everyday use by all members of your family. Your gate will not warp, drop, bend or twist. The colour finishing will not crack overtime.

Our gates are made of 100% aluminium using high-grade and state-of-the-art material. They do not require any special surface treatment before or after installing. They are resistant to the most extreme weather conditions.

Your gate is designed from the beginning to accommodate automatic gate opener. A reinforced profile spanning the width allows for an easy and fast installation of an automation kit for a daily comfort.

Our gates are provided with all the fixtures and fittings needed, you would not have thought that it would be that easy to install the gate. With help of our instruction manuals and videos you will find out how easy it is to install the gate yourself.

Mister Gates stands for sustainability, committed to an eco-friendly environment. All our gates are made of 100% recyclable aluminium, one of the most environmentally friendly processes across the metals industry and can be endlessly recycled while keeping its distinctive properties.

Our gates and fences are specially treated against rust and corrosion complying with a seaside resistant heatproof lacquering product certificate on QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE. All our gates come with a standard 16 year manufacturer guarantee.






  • Warranty 16 years
  • Shipping
    in 42 days

This product is guaranteed by the MISTER GATES DIRECT brand network for a period of 16 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


-        6mm thick motorised reinforcement placed inside along the entire length of the lower crossbar

-        200 mm blades

-        Width (cm): from 250 cm to 500 cm

-        Height (cm): from 101.4 cm to 201.4 cm

-        Installation clearances: 30mm overlap (15mm on each side)

-        Vertical uprights: 100 x 54 mm

-        Horizontal crossbeams: 90 x 36 mm

-        Material: Aluminium

-        Colour: Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 - White RAL 9016 - Golden Oak - Green RAL 6005 - Bordeaux RAL 3005 - Blue RAL 5003 - Black RAL 9005

-        Filling finish: Full

-        Form: Straight

-        Weight: 68Kg to 120Kg


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You are looking for a gate to access your garden. On the joinery market, there are generally two types of gates: sliding gates which can be self-supporting or rail and swinging gates, single or multiple leaf. Some models can be equipped with a wicket gate, taking the form of 2-in-1 openings, so you may wonder which of the swing and sliding gates to choose. If you are a fan of modernity, opt for sliding gates. To help you, the MistergatesDirect shop offers a wide range of sliding aluminium gates, motorised or manually-operated. Among our flagship ranges is the TOKYO full right sliding aluminium gate, an aesthetic gate model that is highly resistant to break-ins.


Houses equipped with fencing always require gates and gates to allow occupants and visitors to enter and leave the garden. With this in mind, installing a sliding gate, either rail-mounted or self-supporting, brings a contemporary touch to the home. A recent model, the sliding opening and closing joinery is like a modern gate. What could be more pleasant than admiring a manual or motorised gate that slowly disappears along the wall, towards its side?

Then, installing a gate that slides to the side when it opens means investing in practical joinery. It saves space as it takes up less space than a swinging gate. The sliding gate can be integrated into a very small garden. All you need is a clearance space on the side of your gate. Always on the practical side, your sliding gates can be equipped with wicket doors. In this case, you buy a gate and wicket door as a single unit, a 2-in-1 product. And that's not all, the custom-made or standard sliding gate can be motorised. Thanks to the motorisation, your motorised gate can open and close by itself, especially when you choose a wireless motorisation system. With this in mind, one press of a button on your remote control and your gate operator obeys your fingers and eyes.


To help you find a quality sliding gate, please consider the following selection criteria. First of all, take the gate manufacturing company into account. This is to prevent you from coming across counterfeit products. To do this, choose a gate manufacturer that is specialised and recognised in the design of sliding gate joinery. After the brand, choose the material of your joinery carefully. On the market, you will find a wooden gate. Although classic, it is still in demand due to its robustness and authentic aesthetics. However, wood is not resistant to weather and pests.

Iron gates, on the other hand, are extremely robust. The only drawback is that wrought iron gates rust quickly, unless you opt for galvanised steel. Nowadays, pvc gates are invading the carpentry market. The pvc sliding gate is cheaper and requires less maintenance. It is only less resistant and unsightly. If you are looking for a gate that combines all the advantages of wrought iron, wood and PVC gates, opt for the aluminium gate. The aluminium sliding gate combines lightness, modern design and ease of maintenance. Aluminium can also be supplied in an infinite number of colours.


You are looking for a top quality aluminium sliding gate. Just visit We have for you the TOKYO sliding aluminium gate, a joinery with a long life span and aesthetic appeal. As its name suggests, it is a full-fill gate. This makes it perfectly resistant to intrusion attempts and impacts. It is also easy to motorise. As the gate is an external joinery, it must meet the requirements of the local town planning plan of the place where your house is located. You must therefore respect the colour authorised by your municipality. This is the great advantage of the aluminium sliding gate. For good reason, aluminium can be available in a variety of colours.

At MistergatesDirect, you can choose between the standard aluminium gate and the custom-made aluminium gate. If you wish to give your openings a personal touch, you can order a custom-made gate. Our carpenters will take care of everything. You can make online purchases on the website. This will not only save you time, but also money. At MisterGatesDirect, the only watchword is customer satisfaction. To meet the demands of today's customers, our shops only sell original and premium quality products.

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