Aluminium sliding gate ARAL


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Aluminium sliding gate ARAL


The EMALU products are both robust and lightweight for everyday use by all members of your family. Your EMALU gate will not warp, drop, bend or twist. The colour finishing will not crack overtime.

The EMALU gates are made of 100% aluminium using high-grade and state-of-the-art material. They do not require any special surface treatment before or after installing. They are resistant to the most extreme weather conditions.

Your EMALU gate is designed from the beginning to accommodate automatic gate opener. A reinforced profile spanning the width allows for an easy and fast installation of an automation kit for a daily comfort.

EMALU gates are provided with all the fixtures and fittings needed, you would not have thought that it would be that easy to install the gate. With help of our instruction manuals and videos you will find out how easy it is to install the gate yourself.

EMALU stands for sustainability, committed to an eco-friendly environment. All our gates are made of 100% recyclable aluminium, one of the most environmentally friendly processes across the metals industry and can be endlessly recycled while keeping its distinctive properties.

EMALU gates and fences are specially treated against rust and corrosion complying with a seaside resistant heatproof lacquering product certificate on QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE. All EMALU products come with a standard 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Product features of your sliding gate:

- 100 % recyclable aluminium gate
- Profiles assembled by tenons and mortises
- Reinforced 6mm profile to support gate automation
- Left or right opening available (street view)
- Standard or bespoke configuration available
- Vertical, horizontal or diagonal slat filling
- Extremely stable, will not warp, drop, bend or twist overtime
- Different standard and bespoke RAL colours available
- Seaside resistant heatproof lacquering product certification scheme
- Resistant to corrosion and rust
- QUALICOAT© label
- Factory ISO 9001 : 2008 certification
- Easy maintenance, we say ZERO maintenance
- For a maximum safety during transport, all our products are packed in foam and shrink wrapped

Delivery of your sliding gate will contain:

- 1 Aluminium leaf with opening to the left or right (from external view)
- 1 Door handle (interior / exterior)
- 1 Integrated single-point locking with 3 keys (European standard)
- 1 Close stop
- 2 Galvanised drive tracks
- 1 Reception stop
- 4 End caps
- 10 year manufacturer guarantee

Do you want your sliding gate automated?

Our team of experts has selected for you one of the best automatic gate driver systems available on the market, easy control and access.

Gate safety & access control equipment:

As soon as you have decided for an automation system, we propose different accessories to improve your access and protection to and of your property. Check out in the menu bar Automation, Access Control and Gate remotes.

Sliding gate automation Motostar Linestar:

- Incorporated electronic circuit board in the control panel.
- LED light integrated in circuit board for an easy diagnosis of the state of the electronics in your gate operator.
- Easy installation with 1 single cable up to 3 devices.
- Automatic slowdowns.
- Includes release hatch for manual opening in case of power failure.
- Support any sliding gate with a weight up to 400 Kg


- LINESTAR sliding gate automation system 
- 1x CLICKSTAR remote control (4 channels)
- 1x pair of INFRASTAR photo safety cells (10m reach)
- LUMISTAR flashing light (inludes a wall fixing support)
- Battery for remote control and installation and user manual

+ 4-6m of drive rack (depending on gate size)


  • 1 Aluminium leaf
  • 1 Handle inside/outside
  • 1 Reception strike
  • 2 Screw-on galvanised steel rails
  • 1 Single point lock with European cylinder and 3 keys
  • 1 End stop
  • 2 Wheels
  • 1 Automation reinforcement
  • 4 Stile end caps

 Delivery in 35 days !



  • Warranty 16 years
  • Shipping
    in 42 days

This product is guaranteed by the MISTER GATES DIRECT brand network for a period of 16 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


- Material: 100% recyclable aluminium
- Vertical profile size (mm): 100 x 54 mm
- Horizontal profile size (mm): 90 x 36 mm
- Available standard height (in mm): 1600 - 1700 - 1800 aside pillars
- Available in standard width (in mm): 3000 - 3250 - 3500 - 3750 - 4000 - 4250 - 4500 - 4750 - 5000
- Different standard and bespoke RAL colours available
- Finishing: Mixed infill
- Style: Curved top
- Weight of product: 66 - 120 Kg
- Manufacturer guarantee: 10 years


Evaluate your product :


Are you currently looking for a gate for your accommodation? Then our website Mister gates Direct is the ideal site for you. Indeed, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to gates, as here: the ARAL convex semi-adjustable sliding gate. To let you know a little more about sliding gates, here are a few details.


These two types of gates differ in the direction in which they open. A sliding gate slides to the left or to the right as if on castors. This type of sliding means that it does not encroach on the public highway. This lateral opening also saves a lot of space. In most cases, sliding gates have only a single leaf, whereas hinged gates can be made up of double leaves. This means that a swing gate needs more clearance to open inwards or outwards.

A sliding gate is therefore best suited if you do not have enough space to allow it to open. Also, a sliding opening is easier to operate than a swinging opening. It is also suitable for all kinds of openings, such as a sloping, narrow or very wide entrance. Moreover, if you want to have a modern and aesthetic gate, the sliding gate would be the most suitable for you. A sliding gate is therefore more beneficial and safer than a swing gate.


Installing sliding gates is not so complicated. This type of joinery can be hung on a rack so that it does not touch the ground, or it can be installed on a guide rail that is fixed to the ground by concrete foundations. In the first case, it is a self-supporting gate that does not require masonry work. This is not the case for the sliding gate which is placed on rails. Whether self-supporting or not, a sliding gate always opens sideways and saves space while remaining very discreet.


A motorised gate makes it much easier to use. Automating a gate also makes it possible to enhance the safety and privacy of the owners. Sliding gates are eligible for a motorised system. Equipped with a gate motor, the opening and closing manoeuvre of the joinery is done quickly. Combined with a home automation system, all you have to do is operate your gate with remote controls or via an intercom. Motorising a gate allows you to take care of the aesthetic aspect of your entrance. This automation also offers you the possibility of good access control of your large gate. An automatic gate is therefore more practical than a manual gate. However, these gate automations are expensive, but they are worth it.


Aluminium remains the best material for the manufacture of aesthetic and durable sliding gates. Aluminium is characterised by its solidity and durability and requires very little maintenance. It is unaffected by the weather and remains unaffected by corrosion. With powder-coated aluminium, you don't have to worry about the performance of your joinery. Aluminium is therefore the best choice if you want a resistant gate.

What's more, an aluminium gate has perfect aesthetics. Not only do you have a wide choice of colours at your disposal, but you can also have the gate model to your taste. Among these many colours are for example grey (anthracite grey) and white (Mm white). These two colours (white and grey) are the most fashionable nowadays.

The aluminium profiles can also be customised. Apart from the convex semi-adjustable sliding gate, offered by Mister gates Direct, you can also have a solid gate made of aluminium perforated sheeting, or a perforated gate. Please note that this semi-adjointed gate consists of perforated sheet infill on the lower part and (barred) bars on the upper part. Also, solid entrances are more effective as a sight-screen than those with openings. A design aluminium gate can also be presented in the shape of a gendarme hat, rounded or even concave.


As the best gate manufacturer on the market, Mister gates Direct offers you quality products made in France. This is the right address to have a custom-made gate. More specifically, we offer custom-made aluminium gates that comply with the European manufacturing standard (nf standard). In addition, all the products in the shop are certified and approved qualibat and qualicoat. This means that your custom-made aluminium gate will be perfectly resistant.

Apart from a modern gate, you can have more visibility on the other ranges of the shop's products on Like all models of gates and fences. Of course, you can get a free quote online. So don't hesitate to entrust yourself to a certified configurator and joiner for your aluminium sliding gate.

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