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Automation kit CAME (230V) for dual swing gates - Fast-U1872

Ref: came-u1872/1

Automation for dual swing gates - CAME- Kit Fast -U1872
High manufacturing quality
3 Years warranty



Save 44%
including 0.84 for ecotax


Automate your gate with this high-quality automation kit. It can support gate leaves up to 2.30 metres and 200 or 300 kg.  The Fast Kit - U1867 is delivered with its full package. Your dual swing gate is now moved by the electro-mechanic force, join the thousands of users already satisfied with this high-performance and quality product sold at a competitive price.



- High quality manufacturing

- Highly efficient and autonomous (also exists with an autonomous 24V motor that can still open the gate during a power failure).

- Secure and practical. The gate can be opened manually with the release lever during a power failure.

To help you choose the right gate operator, here is a CAME gate operator selection guide (link below) designed by CAME and Motorisationplus.com to help you find the gate operator that best suits your door or gate.


The pack includes:

- 1 Set of safety photocells (reach of 10 meters) (DIR10)

- 1 Installation manual, accessories and warranty

- 1 irreversible electromechanical gearmotor (1FA70230CB)

- 1 irreversible electromechanical gearmotor with articulated arm (1FA70230) and integrated control unit

- 1 frequency card 433.92 MHz - (AF43S)

- 1 Remote Control 433.92 MHz TOP-D4FKS

- 1 wall-fastening base (KIAROS) - > attention sur motorisationplus KAIROS

- 1 Gate plate

- 1 orange flashing light (KLED)


+ 1 extra free remote control.

After a hard-working day, there is nothing more annoying than opening manually your heavy dual swing gate. If this happens to you, you should have a look at our gate automation solutions. Indeed, for both comfort and safety, gate operators are attractive to countless individuals as well as professionals today. To the delight of our customers, our MotorisationPlus online shop is constantly expanding its catalogue with a whole range of gate operators from the original brands. Here is a model which will certainly hold your attention: Automation kit CAME (230V) for dual swing gates - Fast-U1872.


If you have a dual swing gate, you should know that equipping it with an operator is a suitable solution. In fact, many people have already started to install this system and have found it very satisfactory. Indeed, with all the advantages provided by a swing gate operator, it is impossible not to be satisfied.

First, automating your swing gate allows everyone to benefit from the convenience of easily opening and closing it. On top of that, comfort is not forgotten either. Of course, by choosing to motorize your dual swing gate, you will not have to go back and forth or put so much effort into the operation. A simple click on the remote control and your gate will be operated without the slightest constraint. Apart from that, adding a motor to a swing gate also optimizes the life of the gate. Because an automated gate can withstand any jolts, as everything is set up correctly.

Finally, by automating your swing gate, you also choose to protect your home and property.

INVEST IN THE Automation kit CAME (230V) for dual swing gates - Fast-U1872

You made up your mind, you're going to invest in a motor for your swing gate? For this of course, you require a high-performance, reliable, quality and above all brand name system? Then our MotorisationPlus online shop is the right place for you. The 2-winged gate operator Fast-U1872 from CAME is exactly what you need. Designed in accordance with the standards and qualities required on the market, this automation kit will certainly make your life easier. As an articulated arm model, this model will be perfectly adapted to residential and community use.

Moreover, if your swing gate weighs around 300kg, this Came Fast-U1872 motor will certainly be of great service to you. Opening each leaf of your gate will no longer be an issue. Also note that this automation is designed for a gate of 2.30m for each leaf.  And good news, the installation of this device can perfectly be done on your own. Since your safety is one of the Came’s priority, this model has been specially equipped with an electronic management system that will detect any obstacles and slow down at the end of the run. Finally, thanks to the emergency battery, your system will always remain active even in the event of a power cut.

With MotorisationPlus, you'll always be fully satisfied. Of course, we take into account your financial concerns. So, in order to be accessible to all budgets, we have decided to offer an exceptional discount on this product. Do not wait any longer to order and take advantage of it!


  • Warranty 3 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the CAME brand network for a period of 3 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


- Power : 160 W
- Opening time at  90° : 18 s
- Power supplu (V) : 230 A.C. 50/60 Hz
- Level protection : IP54
- Motor power supplu (V) : 230 A.C. (50/60Hz)
- Current draw : 1,4 A
- Duty cycle : 30%
- Operating temperature : -20 ÷ +55°


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