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You want to bring light into your home, use an interior glass wall kit. This creates a separation between two rooms without partitioning them. If this is something you are considering, entrust your project to Mister Gates Direct. We have a wide range of original and branded interior glass wall kits in different colours. Let’s focus on this product.


It’s basically large panels of glass, used to separate two rooms. Where glass panels were previously used to make conservatories, glass is now becoming more popular and can be found in the both private individual and professional spaces. It’s used to replace the classic partition. Indeed, this has no charm, it is just a wall. The interior glass wall kits look different, as it not only separates your room, but also brings a certain cachet to your home.


There are many advantages to installing an interior glass partitions in your home. First, it allows you to separate large spaces while still retaining their original structure. Although it divides a room, the spaces remain unique, the glass only adds volume to the room. The use a glass kit also keeps the room bright. This has a positive impact on your health, but also on your mood. Whatever the case light is positive in every aspect. Furthermore, glass kits allow you to save money on your energy bill.

Inner glass kits are also practical. You can personalize them according to the amount of privacy you would like in the room. The glass is available in many colours and thicknesses. If you want more privacy, just choose an interior glass panels that are opaque. Finally, this equipment can also become a piece of interior design. Original, the glass kits will certainly enhance your living areas. Choose your interior glass wall kits come from variety of colours or conserve its original state to bring touch of modernism to your interior design.


Most often, the interior glass is made with steel or aluminium. The aluminium interior glass wall kits are both aesthetic and durable. In fact, aluminium is very resistant to climatic factors such as UV rays and humidity. Choosing this model, means you ‘re were probably looking for interior materials that are durable. The aluminium glass kits will retain their natural brightness for many years to come.

The interior glass wall kits can be adapted to all styles. You can use it to separate your kitchen from your living room. The equipment prevents cooking odours from invading other spaces while still allowing communication between two rooms. This glass can also be installed in your master suite to separate a bathroom and a bedroom or even to create a corridor bringing more light to a dark space.


If you’re looking to purchase an interior glass wall kit? Find us online at We have a wide range of interior glass wall kits from the famous EMALU brand specialised in aluminium. We have several models of aluminium interior glass wall kits with different shapes and colours at affordable prices. Get in touch!

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