Choosing the right gate remote control

How to replace my broken, lost, or malfunctioning remote?

The easiest solution would be to replace your remote control with the exact same model, same brand, same frequency, ideally with the same casing box and buttons, to be sure not to be mistaken. For this, you can first contact your housing association if you live in shared residence, in order to request information on your remote control (make, reference etc.). which will let you replace it easily and quickly.

In some cases, you will not be able to find the same remote control model, for instance because the manufacturer has stopped production. In this case, you can replace your remote with another model which will present common features with your old remote. Among these characteristics, you will need to ensure the frequency and especially the programming mode: Self-learning or switch.

How can I be sure that the remote works with my gate?

If you know the exact model of your remote control, buying the same model with the same reference will be a safe choice. Otherwise, you can find the specifications of your automatic gate or garage door. If you have the reference, you simply enter it in our search engine. Check that the specified frequency is the same as on your gate or garage door. If you have any doubt as to the choice of your remote control gate or garage door, you can contact one of our team by phone, chat or email. Keep all relevant information at hand, we will find your happiness among our products and hundreds of references!

What information do I need to choose my remote?

Firstly, write down the make of your equipment (gate or garage door)! It will improve your chances of finding a compatible remote control of the same brand as your gate or door. The frequency shown on the quartz in the casing of your portal, in MHz, will help you choose a new compatible remote with your receiver. All necessary information is included in your case and will be compatible with your new remote. Take note of all this information as it could help you in your search, and it can be requested when you contact our customer services.

At Mister Gates Direct, we offer a large choice of BFT, CAME and NICE remotes, which will be compatible with the automated gate system of the same brand.

Difference between self-learning or switch-on remote?

The self-learning remote control: The main idea of a self learning remote (radio frequency) is to copy the signal from the remote control replacement of the original remote control. The operation can then be repeated for any other remotes you have acquired. The signal can be copied as many times as you like. If you have lost the master remote, it is possible to copy the receiver signal (gate or garage door) on your new remote control.

The switch remote control: A switches remote is a box where you will find small switches positioned so that a particular code can be assigned. In other words, it will be a unique combination to your remote control. To copy a remote switches, just copy the positioning of these switches in your new remote control box. Once this is done, your new remote control is immediately ready for use! If you do not have the original remote control model (if you lost it), you may find the combination code in the receiver of your automatic gate or garage door.

What is a rolling-code remote?

A rolling code is an extra security measure for the communication system between the transmitter and the receiver of your automatic gate or garage door. Each time your remote performs its self-learning, a new code is generated and sent to the gate mechanism that will interpret and allow it to open and close. The rolling code is an additional insurance against the risk of burglary and hacking attempts on your system.

Are 2 remotes of same colour and same number of buttons compatible?

They may be, but you need to check some things. Two boxes that look identical at first glance can operate on two different radio frequencies. Always check the transmission frequency within the casing, in MHz. Similarly, the buttons can also be similar but have a slight difference in colour shade. Manufacturers often make a model in several versions, which will differentiate their transmission frequency or operation of signal (switch or self-learning). Make sure you keep an eye on the colour of the buttons.

How can I be sure about the right remote for my gate?

If you are in doubt even before or after your purchase, please contact our customer services who will answer all your questions and guide you with your purchase. If you have purchased a remote control that is not compatible, it will be possible to return it and exchange it with another model compatible with your gate operator. Please make sure that to return the product completed with all accessories, manuals in its original packaging.

If your pedestrian or vehicle access gate is operated by a brand as CAME, MOTOSTAR, NICE or SOMFY, you will be likely to find the right remote control at Mister Gates Direct.

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