Choosing the right gate

Quality of our aluminium

Our gate made of 100% recyclable aluminium is designed to be with you for many years to come and must not be chosen lightly. We will therefore give you a few tips and advises in order to find the perfect gate for your needs.

Why install an aluminium gate at your home?

The gate has numerous functions within your home, and must be chosen according to the following criteria:

Safety: The gate allows you to show the borders of your property, it will protect you from any unintended access.

Aesthetics and looks: The gate is the first impression of your property and home for visitors when arriving. A Mister Gates Direct's garden or driveway access gate can come in many different styles, shapes or colours. It will be the most adequate way to express your personality and to give a fresh touch to the aesthetics of your home in general.

At Mister Gates Direct we propose customised solutions to make your home more welcoming and stylish, but also to make your property more valuable and harmonious. Your gate must be for you and for a long time. There is a multitude of designs and styles. From straight top, curved or double arch top, full boarded leaves for a maximum privacy or mixed infill panels allowing a climp from and to the outside of your property. The easy customising configurator will help you to choose your gate at your taste and budget.

You can select a modern, contemporary or traditional design, with our product configurator we let you to customise your gate to a unique masterpiece with the best price quality available on the market.

Two distinctive types of gates:

You can choose between a dual swing or a sliding gate model depending on the conditions related to access your property. Both present their advantages.

Single or dual swing gate: A swing gate consists of one (access for pedestrian without opening the whole gate) or two leaves (for vehicle access). A swing gate allows ease of use and flexibility. The opening is usually done from the inside since the law states that your gate must not encroach on the public road. Please pay attention to the fact that a swing gate needs a considerable amount of space on your driveway to function properly. The installation is relatively easy, check out our installation HERE.

Sliding gate: This is the most suitable model for narrower house entrances or sloping driveways. The ideal solution will be a sideway opening. The sliding gate is installed on a drive rack and moves laterally. It can open on the right or left, as desired. Both types of operation are available when making your selection in the product configurator. The installation is relatively easy, check out our installation HERE.

Mister Gates state-of-the-art material:

Mister Gates Direct offers a full range of gates made of 100% recyclable aluminium. This prestigious material offers numerous advantages for your home. Advantages of using aluminium material for pedestrian and driveway access gates.

Gate dimensions: The width of your gate is extremely important. It must fit to the dimensions of your property’s entrance. The most common widths are 3.00m, 3.50m and 4.00m, at Mister Gates Direct we give you much more flexibility offering intermediate widths (increments of 25cm) up to 5.00m ! For the height of your pedestrian or driveway gate, we propose for specific models heights from 1.00m up to 2.20m.

For almost any situation, you will find a solution with Mister Gates Direct, for each access we offer an appropriate solution with a customised aluminium gate. If the width between the posts vary from the standard sizes we propose, don't worry, you can select in our bespoke configurator the precise width or height you are looking for.


The width between the pillars should include the size of the hinges (22 mm per leaf) with a safety margin of 25 mm. For example: If you select a gate of 3.00m, the width between pillars must be ideally of 3.05m. For more information, check out: take your measurements.

Maintenance: Your gate does not require much maintenance. Just a regular wash with warm soapy water and a sponge, after rinsing with clear water, and then a gentle rub with a chamois.

Aluminium gate automation: An automated gate will offer you even more comfort and ease of use over time. No need to step out of your car when opening or closing your access gate during rainy or bad weather days.

Prefab reinforcement for gate automation

To facilitate the installation of an automated driver system, each gate comes with a pre-manufactured reinforced structure of the gate. The moment you have chosen your gate with the help of our easy customising tool and product configurator, we let you decide to equip your gate with an electric gate opener.

To help with your choice, Mister Gates Direct selected the gate drivers of the brand NICE. Each electric gate opener system is rigorously selected and perfectly compatible with the EMALU pedestrian and driveway gates.

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