How to choose your electric gate automation?

Automated gate driver solutions

To choose your automatic gate driver system, you will need to decide how the gate leaves can be opened and whether you want a driveway, garden gate. Furthermore, you need to check the measurements (length and height of your gate), weight and type of electric gate or garage door automation.

Check following when it comes to a swing gate

Sizes (length and height) of the different leaves.

Weight of each leaf, as it may not exceed the maximum capacity of the automatic gate driver system mentioned in the product overview of each model. In case of any doubt, contact your reseller, installer, manufacturer or one of our team at Mister Gates Direct.

Border of the posts where the motor will be installed. Check the distance from the pivot axis and the proximity to the gate’s interior, or even the distance between the posts and other concrete parts such as brick or concrete wall. If you can use the automated gate according to the situation of our driveway or garden gate. These differences will determine how much space is available so that you can choose the right electric opener.

Motorisation with articulated arms needs about 40 or 50cm of space (although it varies depending on the brand). Back mounted arm motors can work in smaller spaces, as little as 20cm.

Articulated arm(s) gate motor

Articulated arms are recommended for large walls and posts and they adapt to all types of swinging gates, heavy or light (wood, metal, PVC), single or dual leaves. The power supplies are available in 24 and 230V. It is the most common type found and it functions such as the human arm, allowing an opening up to 120° depending on the make. You can easily fix it to a wall or post. It is one of the most cost-effective for those who want an easy and relative cheap installation.

Back mounted arm(s) motor

Back mounted arm motors are more discreet than articulated arms for swinging gates. They are also indispensable for smaller spaces and also available with power supplies of 24 and 230V.

Underground automatic gate driver system

Underground automatic gate driver system for a new gate became very popular in the UK. It is the most aesthetically pleasing since it is virtually invisible both from inside and outside. Moreover, you can use all kinds of gates, which, when considering the information provided above, makes it suitable for a wide range of models. The ability to place it underground is also a real bonus for smaller alleys where “classic” gates could not fit.

However, there are a few details to consider when considering an underground driver system. Firstly, some masonry work will be required for digging the two holes where the system will reside. If you are not able to provide the work yourself, this will require that you hire a professional for the job. This can add a considerable extra cost, especially when compared to an articulated arm motor or a back mounted arm motor.

Automation of a sliding gate

There are two types of sliding gates, those on rails and freestanding (cantilever) ones. For each, a special kind of gate automation is required. As well as for a sliding gate, there are a few key points to take into consideration to choose the appropriate solution without troubles.

Important note:

The size and weight of your gate is primordial information to take into account for the electric driver opener. Each solution allows a maximum weight, which you will find on the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer of the system.

The motor must be affixed to the ground. You must install a rack and pinion to allow the lateral movement of the gate. The toothed rack must be attached to the gate, and it is linked to the motor’s pinion, which allows its movement. It is sold aside from the automated gate system, and / or included with the kit offered.

Another important point is the motor’s power supply, which can be 24 or 230V. A 24V power supply can help if you don’t have a socket nearby, and it can also help open the gate in case of a power breakdown since it can be equipped with a second emergency battery (often as an option offered by most manufacturers of automated drivers). In any case, most automated systems are plugged into a standard 220V outlet, and it is possible to add an external unlocking kit or a pair of safety photocells, which allows you to manually open the gate in case of a power failure.

As for the rest, the automated gate opener is installed in the same way as for swinging gates and doesn’t need any particular work. There is however one difference: it is very hard to install an external unlocking system on a sliding gate. The suggested solution is therefore to have another access point to your home.

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