Gate Safety

As a manufacturer of aluminium driveway and pedestrian gates, we are aware of the risk that may occur when installing an electrically powered system on your gate. With each gate automation kit, we supply a pair of photocells and a flashing light for when the gate is operating as safety features. All our automation kits have a CE conformity declaration.

Further recommendations are a second pair of photocells, an external signage that your gate is automated and Electrical Safety Edges.

Safety edges are not mandatory for automatic gates used in residential premises. Nevertheless, if you want to install safety edges for protecting crushing and shearing points on your automatic gate, the below information may be of interest.

Electrical safety edge

The safety edge is made of a sensorial contact rib, rubber profile fixed in an aluminium rail. There are different dimensions of safety edges, the length of the contact rib will be prefabricated at the factory or by your local supplier. It is important to establish with your professional gate installer the stopping and over-travel distances for optimal safety. Safety edges are suited for applications in moist conditions or with a large mechanical load. Safety edges can be easily replaced in case of damage of one of the edges.

Controllers / transmitters

For each application you will need the right switching device (controller). You can choose either a Cat 2 (not self-testing, should be carried out once prior to every operation, normally initiated by the gate system control panel) or CAT 3 (self-testing, any error on safety edge will be identified within its cycle of operation, stopping the movement of the gate immediately). Most of available controllers are user-friendly with LCD display, rapid start-up mode and display mode showing values of the connected edges.

If you require directional outputs (open/close), you would need a 2 channel transmission system. They are reliable for a large range of applications such as sliding and swing gates. Transmission between the device and controller is wireless by a specific secure radio frequency. Nowadays, several controllers available on the market will accept multiple edge inputs with one single output. Prices and warranties of materials and electronics may vary from manufacturer.

Assembly of safety edges

As they are prefabricated, they can be self-assembled vertically or horizontally. The aluminium rail can be easily fixed with flathead screws or rivets. The contact rib is already fixed in the rubber profile. Using a silicon spray, you can fix the rubber profile with a click system on the aluminium rail. Once the safety edge is entirely clicked on the rail, you can use glue for a final fixation. Fit the supplied end caps on both ends.

If you are interested to install safety edges on your swing or sliding gate, we will be happy to guide you to one of our regional partners. Contact us by email, phone (01214 670 077) or LiveChat.

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