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Gate remote control NICE-FLO4R-S


Gate remote control NICE-FLO4R-S, control up to 4 devices, 1-year guarantee

Gate remote control NICE-FLO4R-S


Gate remote control - NICE FLO4R-S :

To simplify your life, NICE is offering you a compact remote control to operate with your equipment. The design is modern and can transmit (frequency 433,92 Mhz) orders up to 4 devices such as your electric gate opener. The NICE FLO4R-S has a battery 12V, programming is done by recording on receiver.

Strong points of your NICE gate remote control :

Up to 4 orders
Compact shape
Modern design and resistant
High security level as transmission of code is random

Battery and manual included, instruction manual can be downloaded as well.

Guarantee 1 year

Programming your remote control :

To copy or to add a new remote control to your receiver it is necessary to have already one in service. To start your new remote control, please read the below instructions:

1. Recording of this remote control is done close to the radio receiver
2. Press and hold the button during 5 seconds of your new remote control
3. Press 3 times on the button of your remote control already in service
4. Press again on the button of your new remote control

Wait for 10 seconds before opening your gate with your new remote control
Repeat this way for other new remote controls you want to use with your gate opener.
In case it doesn't work wait for 20 seconds and retry the above steps.


  • Warranty 1 year
  • Shipping
    in 5 days

This product is guaranteed by the NICE brand network for a period of 1 year subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


  • Frequency : 433,92 Mhz
  • Battery : 12V
  • Buttons : 4 (blue)
  • Coding : On receiver
  • Dimensions (mm): 72 x 15 x 40


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