Digital wireless keypad NICE EDSW

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Digital wireless keypad NICE-EDSW!

Discover the complete one-device solution!

This digital keypad allows you to choose between whether to have 3 transmission channels to control up to 3 systems (shutters, garage doors, gates, lighting...) or 3 different customised commands for a single automated system.

Its main features:

Practical : 100% wireless, no cable needed. Estimated range of 25 metres in free space and 15 metres inside a building.

Safety : The keypad has 13 keys, with an 8 digit combination which can generate 99,999,999 different combinations! It also has a vandal-proof aluminium IP54 casing.

Economy : Extremely reduced energy consumption, transmission is only activated when you press a key, turns off automatically. The ambient light sensor only activates the backlit keypad when needed.

Our DIY expert comments : 

Your Nice gate opener can only go with this digital keypad! Wireless and very easy to install! The included ambient light sensor makes this product very functional from the start.

30 months guarantee

EDSW works as an issuer and is therefore compatible with any Rolling-code receiver with 433 MHZ frequency.

Compatible with following Nice gate remote controls : FLOXR, FLOXIR,FLOXI2R, FLOX2R, SMXI, OXI


  • Power supply : 6 Vdc with 2 lithium batteries type CR2430
  • Estimated range (m) : 200, 35 outdoor
  • Number of digits per combination : from 0 to 8
  • Protection rating : 54 IP
  • Frequency (Mhz) : 433.92
  • Radio code MOTX-R : FLOR 52 bit rolling code
                       MOTX-S : SMILO 52 bit rolling code
  • Irradiated power : ± 1 mW e.r.p. (estimated)
  • Battery life : 2 years estimated based on ± 10 transmissions per day
  • Operating temperature : - 20°C + 55°C
  • Dimensions : 85 x 75 x 35 mm
  • Weight (g): 215
  • Guarantee : 30 months


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