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Came sliding gates automation kit BX-78 U2643ML 230 V + 4m of free racks
Automatic stop in case of obstacle detection
3-year warranty



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Are you considering automating your sliding gate? CAME offers all its know-how in one device. Here is an automation that will fully meet your expectations in terms of automation and design. This high-performance automation will make you gain in comfort, tranquillity and above all, security. It is suitable for gates up to 800kg.


Exceptional equipment : Reliable, CAME makes you benefit from its amazing know-how.

Exceptional price : High-quality equipment with the best online price you can ever find. With this automation system, CAME gives everyone the opportunity to have a top-quality entrance to their accommodation. Your neighbours can tell! The advantages, comfort and security brought by a fully automated entrance.

CAME, a mark of distinction: In CAME manufacturing factories, the watchword is “well executed work”. Particularly meticulous, a taste for excellence is undeniably found in each of their products.


- Automatic stop in case of obstacle detection

- Partial opening system for pedestrians and total opening system for cars

- Highly resistant and long-life automation

- Safe and easy use

- Full motion control: If you activate the function with the control logic, you can stop the gate.

- Automatism with electronic card.

- Built-in radio decoder

- Obstacle detection and mechanical limit switches for gates.


To help you choose the right gate operator, here is a CAME gate operator selection guide (link below) designed by CAME and Motorisationplus.com to help you find the gate operator that best suits your door or gate.


The pack includes :

- 1 irreversible electromechanical gearmotor with control unit (001BX-78)

- 1 inserted radiofrequency card in 433.92 MHz (AF43S)

- 1 Set of safety photocells (reach of 10 meters) (DIR10)

- 1 orange flashing light (KLED)

- 1 wall-fastening base (KIAROS)

- 1 Antenna 433.92 Mhz with coaxial cable (TOP-A433N)

- 5 Meters of antenna cable (TOP-RG58)

- 2 Remote controls 433.92 Mhz (TOP-432EE), 2 functions

- 1 Installation manual, accessories and warranty


+ 4m of free racks

+ 2 Free remote controls


Don't forget the LBH fixing kit, an indispensable accessory for the installation of your rack! More info by clicking on this link!


3-year warranty

Practical and stylish, an automatic sliding gate is the essential equipment to modernize your property. Having to pull or push the gate every time to enter or leave the house requires considerable time and effort. These repetitive and sometimes annoying gestures can be avoided thanks to the automation. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are opting for automated gates. Now it is your turn to discover the CAME BX-78 sliding gate automation on our website.

Gate automation, a cost-effective initiative

Far from being an accessory, there are many advantages to benefit from an automated gate.

As an external closing device, the main function of the gate is to protect the house. It protects residents from intrusions and indiscretions. It is an indispensable piece of equipment for homes with small children or pets. It is impossible for them to leave the property if the gate is properly closed.

With automation, the gate will be closed more securely. Only people in possession of the remote control or the opening code can succeed in opening the gate.

The gate is also used to embellish a home. A property that is closed with a gate shows a finished exterior that makes a beautiful effect. Currently, the trend is towards automated gates. This brings a modern and aesthetic touch to the construction.

The automated gate also ensures comfort. Especially for those who have to use the gate several times a day, the automated gate is the right solution. Daily gestures that can be tiring and sometimes painful for some people are now left behind. With an automated gate, you no longer have to get out of your car to push the gate. Just one click inside the house or vehicle and the gate can be opened or closed. As simple as it sounds.

To help you in your gate automation project, get the right accessories. If you have a sliding gate, the MISTERGATEDIRECT website recommends the sliding gate automation came BX-78, a reliable and complete product for an efficient and safe installation of your automation.

CAME BX-78 ensures an efficient and safe automation

If you would like to experience gate automation, you should know CAME is one of the most reliable brands. Having a taste for excellence, CAME ensures a well done and particularly meticulous work for each product.

On the MISTERGATEDIRECT website, CAME offers you the sliding gate motor BX-78 to make your gate automation project easier.

CAME BX- 78 gives you comfort and security thanks to a completely automated entry. It is a complete pack delivered with installation instructions and all the accessories for easy assembly: a gearmotor,2 remote controls, antenna, antenna cable, flashing light, radio card, 4m of rack, etc.

This high-performance automation is suitable for gates weighing up to 800 kg.

With CAME BX-78, the manoeuvres of your gate will be safer and easier. The user will have total control of the movement. It is possible to stop the gate if the function is activated with the control logic. The machine is equipped with a total opening system for cars and a partial opening for pedestrians.

For greater safety of use, the CAME sliding gate automation BX-78 has an obstacle detector that could activate an automatic stop if needed.

The BX-78 sliding gate automation is offered at an exceptional price on the website and offers an opportunity for everyone to access quality.

This product has a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

You can also take advantage of the payment facility offered on our website. A payment without any fee and possible in 3 instalments.

Thanks to the express delivery, you can start assembling your CAME BX-78 after only 2 days.


  • Warranty 3 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the CAME brand network for a period of 3 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


- Level protection : IP54
- Weight max per leaf : 800 kg 
- Power cabiner (V) : 230 A.C. 50/60 Hz
- Power motor (V) : 230 A.C. 50/60 Hz
- Nominal power : 30 W
- Absorption : 2,4 A
- Tractive force : 800 Nm

- Operating temperature : -20 à +55°
- Motor thermal protection : 150°


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