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Underground connected motor for dual swing gates - FLASH24 - Motorisation+

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Underground connected automation for dual swing gates - FLASH24 - Motorisation+
Power supply Vac (Vdc) : 230 (24V)
Motor power W : 120
Degree of protection : IP 67



Save 12%
Underground connected motor for dual swing gates - FLASH24 - Motorisation+



Save 12%




- 2 underground electromechanical gear motors for swing gates

- 1 transmitter 4 keys

- 1 bluetooth module

- 1 radio receiver

- 1 pair of photocells

- 1 flashing light

- Control logic 14A


  • Warranty 5 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the MOTORISATIONPLUS brand network for a period of 5 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


Technical data :

Torque Nm: 250
Working cycle % : 80
Opening time 90° sec: 18-25
Control logic: CC24FLASH
Power supply Vac (Vdc) : 230 (24V)
Absorption A : 5
Motor power W : 120
Degree of protection : IP 67
Dimensions (L-P-H) mm : 412 - 160 - 346
Weight kg cad : 10,8
Operating temperature °C : -20 + 55
Maximum leaf weight Kg : 600


Evaluate your product :


By choosing to motorise your swing gate, you make the choice to obtain more comfort in its use. For even greater user comfort and aesthetic appeal, opt for an underground swing gate operator connected to a swing gate. This type of swing gate operator has the advantage of offering greater flexibility in its use. From an aesthetic point of view, the underground connected operator provides a real cachet due to its invisibility. Mister Gates Direct is currently one of the best addresses to find this type of swing gate device.


Like all the other openings and accessories in your home or business, the motorised swing gate can also become a connected object. To do this, you simply need to equip it with a home automation relay enabling it to connect to the internet.

When integrated into a home automation system, gates with a connected underground swing gate motorisation can be controlled remotely using a Smartphone or a tablet. This control is done in particular via the Internet (WiFi or 3G/4 network).

The main advantage of Smartphones or tablets as motorised gate remote controls is their longer range. Indeed, thanks to the internet, you can manage the operation of your automated swing gate wherever you are. Simply connect to the internet with your Smartphone or tablet and you will always be able to open or close your swing gate even if you are on the other side of the world! Also note that with a Smartphone or tablet, you are not limited to the remote opening and closing functionality of your connected swing gate. The mobile application in your mobile phone also allows you to find out remotely whether your gate is closed or not. Thus, with a connected underground swing gate operator, there is no longer any risk of leaving your gate open when you leave home.


In particular, the underground operator connected to a swing gate is an ideal solution to give your motorised swing gate a more attractive appearance.

Swing gate operators are often pointed out for their unsightly shape. Whether it is a cylinder operator or a hinged arm operator, its design detracts from the aesthetics of the swing gates it equips. This is the main reason for the development of underground swing gate operators.

As the name suggests, these are motorised systems that can be buried in the ground, inside a foundation box. More precisely, these underground swing gate operators are placed under each leaf of a swing gate. Each box is connected to the gate leaf by means of a fixing bracket which acts as a hinge.

These underground swing gate operators are available in piston and cylinder systems. In any case, they can be used to open the gate at an angle of up to 180°.

By being buried in the ground, this type of swing gate operator will not easily deteriorate or malfunction over time. The underground operator connected to the swing gate is robust and reliable and, above all, efficient.

It should also be noted that underground swing gate operators are practical solutions for gaining additional space near the gate. As they are buried deep in the ground, they do not take up any space near your swing gate.


Have you already looked in several shops and online sales sites for a connected underground swing gate operator without having found the right model? You will surely find shoes to suit your feet at Mister gates Direct.

Our brand specialises mainly in aluminium joinery (doors, windows, roller shutters, garage doors, gates, etc.). However, we also offer various electromechanical or electronic accessories for these different openings.

Connected underground automations for swing gates are obviously part of the offers that are available on our online shop Mistergatesdirect.com. Our products stand out for their great brand name and therefore their superior quality.

When you buy from Mister Gates Direct, you are sure to find excellent quality products at affordable, robust and reliable prices! On top of that, if you choose to have your order delivered to your home, you will be entitled to a tailor-made delivery service. As for paying for your purchases at Mister Gates Direct, note that it can be done in instalments at no charge! Not to mention the guarantees and after-sales services that will be offered to you for each purchase!

So buy your underground motorised swing gate connected to Mister Gates Direct to take advantage of the many benefits that await you.

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