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Connected LED dual swing gate motor - PWF24LED - Motorisation+

Ref: motorisationplus-pwf24led

Connected LED dual swing gate automation - PWF24LED - Motorisation+
Remote control from your smartphone
Power supply Vac (Vdc) : 230 (24V)
Degree of protection: IP 44
Motor power W : 115
5-year warranty



Save 14%
Connected LED dual swing gate motor - PWF24LED - Motorisation+



Save 14%




- 2 Electromechanical geared motors with arms 24Vdc for swing gate

- 1 transmitter 4 keys

- 1 bluetooth module

- 1 radio receiver

- 1 pair of photocells

- 1 flashing light

- Control logic 14A


  • Warranty 5 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the MOTORISATIONPLUS brand network for a period of 5 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


Technical data :

Torque Nm: 120
Working cycle % : 80
Opening time 90° sec: 14-20
Control logic: CC24FULL
Power supply Vac (Vdc) : 230 (24V)
Absorption A : 0,6
Motor power W : 115
Integrated light: yes
Degree of protection: IP 44
Dimensions (W - D - H) mm : 125 - 260 - 310
Weight Kg : 10,5
Operating temp. °C : -20°+55°
Maximum leaf weight Kg : 250


Evaluate your product :


Despite the introduction of sliding gates, the classic hinged-opening model continues to appeal to both private individuals and professionals. There are many reasons for this: attractive prices, easy installation, original design. In addition, the swing gate can be motorised. In fact, there are very few joineries today that are no longer equipped with an automatic system. To make your life easier, the MisterGatesDirect shop offers you a connected motorisation with LEDs for swing gates in all ranges. You will always find the model of automation that meets your needs and your budget.


No matter what people say, the manual swing gate is less aesthetic and more difficult to open and close than the swing gate with a connected Motorisation with LEDs for swing gates. Thanks to the motor, opening and closing your large gate is child's play. A simple gesture on the transmitter of your automation and your motorised swing gate obeys your fingers and the eye. What's more, the connected motor is different from the wired model. The wireless automation allows you to control your motorisation remotely.

Simply press the button on your remote control and your swing gate opens as if by magic. This saves time. You don't have to park and get out of your car to open your gate as you do with the wired automatic gate, where you have to press the push-button or enter the code on the digicode to trigger your gate motorisation. Subsequently, the LED-connected motorisation for swing gates comes in handy. For elderly people and people with reduced mobility, they can open and close their swing gates from a distance and, above all, effortlessly.


You are planning to use a connected operator with LEDs for swing gates to improve your quality of life and increase the safety of your home. In fact, the motorised gate is much more resistant to burglary, as it can only be opened with a remote control programmed into the receiver of the automation that only the owner or occupants have. Before making your purchase, you should be aware that not all access control motors are the same.

In order to enjoy all the advantages of your connected Motorisation with LEDs for swing gates, it is advisable to take into account its brand. The reliability of a product depends on the professionalism of its manufacturer. To help you, make sure that the automation is the work of a recognised professional in the design of the motorisation such as Motostar, Faac or Nice and Came. This will help you avoid finding counterfeit products. To do so, choose an approved and recognised shop.

Next comes the performance of your LED-connected swing gate operator. Some automations can motorise a large joinery whereas other models can only drive a small swing gate. With this in mind, it is advisable to clearly define the weight of your swing gate. Then, ask your salesperson for the operator that is compatible with your joinery.

Each gate has its own motor in terms of the power used. If your gate weighs 500 kg, you are looking for a connected operator with LED for a swinging gate weighing 500 kg. Finally, take into account the accessories for your automation such as the remote control, photocells and emergency battery. The correct operation of your operator is at stake.


You are looking for a wireless swing gate operator. Go to the MisterGatesDirect shop. There you will find a whole range of high-quality access control systems. We select only original products for you. We favour brands that are recognised worldwide in the sector such as Came, Nice, Motostar, Faac. Rest assured, you won't come across counterfeit access control motors.

If you think that the LED-connected motorisation for swing gates on mistergatesdirect.com is offered at a price, because it is top quality, think again. We always offer discounts on our products, with the aim of enabling all our customers to invest in a top quality swing gate operator, even on a tight budget. That's not all, you can pay in instalments, up to 4 instalments.

To save time and money, place your order directly online at mistergatesdirect.com. Choose the model that meets your expectations and our team will take care of the rest. We can also help you to choose the right operator for your swinging gate. Your parcel will then be delivered on time.


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