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Connected motor for sliding gate - SLD400 - Motorisation+

Ref: motorisationplus-sld400

Connected automation for sliding gate - SLD400 - Motorisation+
Power supply Vac (Vdc) : 230 (24)
Motor power W : 250
IP degree of protection : 44
Exclusivity 100% connected brand

Connected motor for sliding gate - SLD400 - Motorisation+




- 2 Electromechanical geared motors with arms 24Vdc for sliding gate

- 1 transmitter 4 keys

- 1 bluetooth model

- 1 radio receiver

- 1 pair of photocells

- 1 flashing light

- Control logic 14A


  • Warranty 5 years
  • Shipping
    in 2 days

This product is guaranteed by the MOTORISATIONPLUS brand network for a period of 5 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


Technical data :

Speed cm/s: 21
Torque Nm: 12
Working cycle %: 50
Control logic: CC24FULL
Power supply Vac (Vdc) : 230 (24)
Absorption A : 1,1
Motor power W : 250
Integrated light: no
IP degree of protection : 44
Dimensions (L-P-H) mm : 330 - 210 - 300
Weight Kg : 12
Operating temp. °C : -20+55
Maximum leaf weight Kg : 400


Evaluate your product :


In recent years, the motorised sliding gate has become a real trend. This is due to its many interesting features. Nowadays, the trend is towards a more connected world. Many people have therefore turned to this technology, even for their gates. You too can make your gate both automatic and connected. All you have to do is invest in a suitable motorisation. If you are interested, Mister Gates Direct offers you a wide choice of connected motorisations for sliding gates.


With a classic automatic gate, you can already enjoy a large number of advantages. You will see how a connected automation is even more interesting. For a start, this system provides you with optimum comfort and makes your daily life much easier. After all, while the range of a gate remote control is very limited, this is not the case with a connected automatic gate. The latter can be controlled with a smartphone from anywhere in the world, provided there is an internet connection. So imagine that the postman is in front of your gate to drop off a parcel, but you are not at home. He can contact you and you can open it from your office, very practical!

A connected gate operator can also save you a lot of time. Note that even though the speed of movement of a motorised gate is quite fast, you still have to wait until it opens completely before you can get out or in. However, with a connected system, it is quite possible to control the opening within a few metres of your property. In other words, you won't have to wait a single second. You can also program the time the gate opens and closes. Or if you prefer, create scenarios and as soon as your garage door opens, your gate will also open automatically. In short, there are many possibilities, your imagination is your only limit.


Apart from the compatibility of your motorisation with your home automation system, there is no great difference in the choice of a connected motorisation compared to that of a classic motorisation. In other words, you should consider the same criteria when choosing your gate motor. Namely, the type of motorisation according to your type of sliding gate. Is it a rail-mounted or self-supporting gate? Then it is essential to take into account the weight and frequency of daily use of the gate. This allows you to choose a motor with the appropriate power. Don't forget to think about its power supply. Some motors work with only 24 volts, while others require the supply of 220 or 230 volts. And to prepare for possible power failures, consider investing in a backup battery. There are also motors that can be unlocked manually for this type of situation. Finally, if you want to benefit from a reliable, high-quality product, opt for a gate motor designed by a reputable manufacturer in this field.


On mistergatesdirect.com, satisfaction is the order of the day! First of all, our brand only works with the most reliable and reputable manufacturers. We can mention a few of them, such as Nice, Came, Motorstar, Faac, etc. You can therefore have confidence in the quality of the items we offer you. Especially the connected operators for sliding gates. Secondly, we make sure that we keep our prices unbeatable in order to remain competitive. In addition, there are products that you will only find on our site. And that's not all, you can make payment several times without charge. If you encounter a problem with your order, our after-sales service will take care of it right away until it is resolved. If online sales do not suit you, then the doors of our shops are wide open. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your order!

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