Automation kit CAME FROG U1921 for dual swing gate - underground


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CAME In-ground automation kit for dual swing gates

The CAME FROG is an "out-of-sight" automation solution for dual swing gates.

Out-of-sight system:

The 2 CAME FROG motors are installed underground, the kit is completely invisible. The electromechanical motors are placed in a waterproof (IPX7) foundation box. The kit is convenient and safe.

New performance level:

It's ideal for opening dual swing gates up to a length of 3,5 metres per leaf and may operated up to 400 Kg per leaf ! The CAME FROG is foreseen for heavy duty in residential setting but also collective structures.


Product extras of automation kit CAME Frog for dual swing gates :

Underground automation kit, easy installation for maximum size per leaf 3m50 and a maximum weight per leaf of 400 Kg. Built-in release system to open gate manually (in case of power failure).

The automation kit includes:

- 2 under ground motors 230V (FROG-AE)
- 2 foundation box of steel treated with cataphoresis rust proofing (FROG-BN / FROG-CF)
- 2 built-in release mechanism with key lock (A4366)
- 2 remote controls 868,35 MHz
- 1 control panel for 230V motors
- 1 radio remote control 433 MHz (AF868)
- 1 pair of safety photocells (DELTA-SE)
- 1 flashing light (KLED / KIARON)
- 1 Antenna (TOP-A862N) and 5m cable (TOP-RG58)


Automation kit CAME FROG U1921

- Gate type : Dual swing gate
- Weight : 11 kg
- Power supply: 230 A.C. 50/60Hz
- Motor power supply: 230 A.C. 50/60Hz
- Max draw (A) : 1.9
- Power (Watt) : 200
- Max Torque (N) : 320
- Opening time (90°): 18 secv - Gear ratio: 1/1152
- Duty cycle: 30%
- Protection rating: IP67
- Motor thermal protection: 150°C


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