Aluminium double swing driveway gates KINLEY


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(Between 3000 mm and 5000 mm)
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Aluminium double swing driveway gates KINLEY

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The products are both robust and lightweight for everyday use. Your gate will not warp, drop, bend or twist. The aluminium treatment and colour finish complies with the latest quality standards. Despite the fact your gate is out all year, it will not suffer from changing weather conditions.

Our gates are made of 100% aluminium using high-grade and state-of-the-art materials. Your aluminium driveway or garden gate will not require any special surface treatment before or after installing. All our productds are very resistant to saline environments and will not crack overtime.

Your gate is designed from the beginning to accommodate a gate automation. A prefabricated reinforced profile spanning the width will make it much easier to install an electric opener for your driveway or garden gate. At Mister Gates Direct we look for innovative solutions with the objectif to improve your daily comfort.

Our gates are provided with all the fixtures and fittings needed, you would not have thought that it would be that easy to install the gate. With help of our handy instruction manuals and videos you will find out how easy it is to install the driveway and / or pedestrian gate yourself.

Mister Gates Direct stands for sustainability. All our gates are made of 100% recyclable aluminium and are reusable in an eco-friendly environment. For the cleaning, no need of aggressive detergents, just wash with a warm soapy water and a sponge, rinsing with clear water.

Our gates are specially treated against rust and corrosion complying with a seaside resistant heatproof lacquering. All our aluminium gates come with a 16-year guarantee. Our team remain at your entire disposal, also after you have purchased one of our products.

Product features of your dual swing gate:

- 100 % recyclable aluminium
- Assembled by tenons and mortises
- Resistant to corrosion and rust
- Extremely stable, will not warp, drop, bend or twist overtime
- Suitable for highly saline environments
- Available in several standard and bespoke RAL colours
- Standard or bespoke configuration available
- Vertical, horizontal or diagonal slat filling
- Allows optimised finishes with a no-chrome lacquer of 80 microns
- Paint finishing according heatproof lacquering certification scheme©
- Reinforced 6mm profile to support gate automation
- Easy maintenance, we say ZERO maintenance
- Wash with warm soapy water and a sponge, rinsing with clear water.
- Factory ISO 9001 : 2008 certification
- 10 year manufacturer guarantee

Delivery of your EMALU dual swing gate will contain:

- 2 Aluminium leaves builds of mortise and tenon joints
- 1 door handle (internal / external view)
- 1 Central close stop for the leaves
- 2 In-screed reception stops
- 1 Integrated single-point locking with 3 keys (European standard)
- 1 Reinforced panel to support gate automation
- 2 Adjustable hinges and 2 cover hinges
- 8 Profile cover stops
- For a maximum safety during transport, all our products are packed in foam and shrink wrapped

Do you want your dual swing gate automated?

Our team of experts has selected for you one of the best automatic gate driver systems available on the market, easy control and access.

Gate safety & access control equipment:

As soon as you have decided for an automation system, we propose different accessories to improve your access and protection to and of your property. Check out in the menu bar Automation, Access Control and Gate remotes.

Dual swing gate automation Motostar Eclistar:

- Easy mounting with help of 1 cable to 3 devices
- Adjustable opening and closing time
- Automatic setting of radio frequency for the transmission
- Back-up battery compatible (optional)
- Self learning system end of range opening and closing.



- 2 ECLISTAR articulated arm motors
- 1 CLICKSTAR remote control (433.92 Mhz)
- 1 pair of INFRASTAR photocells (10 m reach)
- 1 LUMISTAR flashing light (includes a wall fixing support)
- 1 Installation and user manual





  • Warranty 16 years
  • Shipping
    in 42 days

This product is guaranteed by the MISTER GATES DIRECT brand network for a period of 16 years subject to assembly and installation in accordance with the instructions for use and use under normal conditions


- Material: 100% recyclable aluminium
- Vertical profile size (mm): 100 x 54 mm
- Horizontal profile size (mm): 90 x 36 mm
- Available standard height (in mm): 1600 - 1700 - 1800 aside pillars
- Available in standard width (in mm): 3000 - 3250 - 3500 - 3750 - 4000 - 4250 - 4500 - 4750 - 5000
- Different standard and bespoke RAL colours available
- Finishing: Mixed infill
- Style: Straight top
- Weight of product (Kg): 66 - 120
- Manufacturer guarantee: 16 years


Evaluate your product :


A residential property or estate enclosed by a gate and delimited by fences combines aesthetics and security. There are four main categories of openings on the market: single-leaf or double-leaf swing gates and self-supporting sliding gates or rail gates. The double-leaf gate model is the most classic of the swing gates and can be fitted with a motorisation system or can be opened manually., the specialist in gate sales, offers you a wide range of design gates.


The gate can be installed at any time. However, it is important to consider the configurations of the environment where this joinery will be installed. In this case, it is important to anticipate the slope of the land, but also the direction in which the gate will open if it faces the public highway. However, this does not mean that you should opt for a sliding gate.

Whether it is an automatic gate or a manual gate, the manoeuvring space is an important criterion. With a hinged structure, you have no less than 180° of opening angle at your disposal.

The installation of a swing gate is easy and accessible to everyone, no need for the skills of an installer or masonry know-how. In just a few simple steps, the gate kits, i.e. the hinges, the hinge cover, the shoe and the reception stop are easily installed by following the instructions for your product.

The price of a two-leaf gate is even more attractive if you plan to motorise it. Equipped with a motorised gate, whether swinging or sliding, your gate will be more adaptable and can be integrated into your home automation system.


Both swing gates and sliding gates can be made of different materials. Steel gates, wrought-iron gates and iron gates are known for their solidity, however they are respectively less good in terms of weight and longevity, not to mention their price. On the other hand, wooden gates stand out due to their classic and timeless appearance and their price-performance ratio. But then again, this type of opening is not strong enough and degrades faster.

Therefore, the aluminium gate is the ideal compromise. Aluminium gates are constructed from extruded aluminium and treated aluminium sheeting, which is known for its lightness and malleability. Aesthetically speaking, the aluminium gate immediately displays an unmatched contemporary design. It is all the more interesting to combine it with an aluminium wicket gate, an aluminium fence, garage doors and aluminium entrance doors to have an original and modern design. What's more, it's easy to find a custom-made aluminium gate, especially on

Used for exterior openings, the aluminium swing gate promises resistance to weather and corrosion. Over time, the aluminium swing gate remains intact thanks to its special lacquering process . As for the colour of your gate, you can choose between several colours. However, black, anthracite grey and white are the most popular colours.


What is interesting in the swing gate, and also in its aluminium sliding gate counterpart, is their automation. In fact, as they are made of a light material, there are several types of motorisation adapted to them. As far as the swing gate operator is concerned, you can choose between electromechanical systems with jacks or articulated arms. You can choose between cylinder and articulated arm depending on the final weight of your gate and the opening and closing speed you require. However, this type of electromechanical system is often powered by 230 volt mains power. You can also equip it with a back-up battery to anticipate power cuts.


The joinery field is the prerogative of MisterGatesDirect. Our shop has a wide range of garage doors, gates and wicket doors with the automations to equip them. The item of your choice will be delivered to your home in the shortest possible time, while benefiting from a premium quality product at a lower cost.

If you are looking for a double-leaf aluminium gate, you have come to the right place. On our online shop, you can choose from quality products that meet all your requirements in terms of quality and performance.

To name but one, if your wish is to install a semi-adjustable gate with an opening to the outside or to the inside, the Kinley model from the renowned Emalu brand is the one for you. Like all the models in this range, it is powder-coated with Qualicoat certification. There are also models of solid gates with horizontal slats that promise to protect the privacy of your home.

To decide which model suits your taste, you can go directly to our site and see the selection of gates available. Take advantage of a free estimate before purchasing your product and place your order immediately!

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